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"Welke noten heeft dit akkoord?"

Translation:Which notes does this chord have?

October 7, 2014



Have reported, but as a musician I think "Which notes are in the chord?" is far more natural


I used "Which notes does this chord have?" as a correct answer


This chord has which notes? ... sounds better than the way they articulate it here. I'm also a musician, and Duo did NOT accept it! Go figure!


Same here and it was marked as wrong. i wonder why


Because of the word order: it's not the 'grammatically correct' word order for a question (which doesn't mean it doesn't get usef, of course ;) )


Edit: typo: *useD


The sentence, though odd, is structured the same way as How many pages does this book have?


Still confused totally after reading the remarks below why can we use both has and have in this sentence when we have a singular verb with a plural noun? and yes I am totally tone deaf and do not understand these musical complexities???


A chord has several notes. Singular subject, singular verb, plural object. Which notes has the chord? Same thing, but as a question, hence the inversion. The chord is the subject, hence the singular verb.


You've explained it in a much simpler way than I did. Thnx!

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