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Spanish/Hispanoamerican torrent trackers

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I hope I'm not opening a can of worms here with this...

For any English-language content - books, music, movies, videogames, TV shows - there are places like thepiratebay.se, kickass.to and many others. For any Russian-language content, there are rutracker.org, rutor.org and plenty of others too.

Where do the Spanish-speaking people share their stuff?

3 years ago

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You may want to check out taringa.net. It's a social networking service. Start there.


When you are searching for "Spanish" stuff . . . just in case you don't know, make sure you busqueda en español. Note, I'm my native language is not Spanish but you will get used to certain key tech words like destacada, actualización, etc.


Type "busqueda torrent" in Google. The first link (enlace) I came across contains: "Los 10 mejores sitios para buscar Torrents en el 2013."

Reply13 years ago

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