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Streak not ticked even though I have strengthened!

Hi Guys,

I see that there is a new feature on the XP graph - it just that there are some issues for me:

1) I have strengthened today but my streak has not been ticked to show that it has registered that I have done this. This could lead to me again losing my streak!

2) The XP points given on my graph are in excess of the points I actually gained! Yet on the weekly score, clearly the inflated number of points have not been added. There seems to be a problem here too.

Please could you help!

Thanks! Qaa2

October 7, 2014



I have just found out that if your goal is not reached your streak does not update. This is stupid! Sorry to say ... and unfair too! If I had not seen it, I would have lost a day's streek, and if I had not noticed that, I would have LOST my streak!!

Why is there no clear instruction about the risks??????????????

Not happy! I will permanently leave my goal at 1 - which defeats the change, doesn't it - but I cant risk missing this.

Sorry to be blunt - but this is just daft!


Hello! In order to just confirm what happened here, I think I've gathered that you set a daily goal of > 1, practiced, saw your streak didn't update, and the posted your original comment. You then changed your daily goal to 1, practiced again, and updated your streak. Is that correct? I just want to be sure that there wasn't a visual bug with a streak complete indication.



Hi bchan, thanks for your post. I saw on another post that one losses one's streak if one does not meet ones goal - which is why I set it back to 1 XP. After I Logged out and them logged in again it registered the new goal and after I did some more practice the streak updated and the tick was given. So that is OK, thanks!

However, I am still at a loss as to exactly how the goal works and what the added risks are. There is not explanation as to how it works etc. Until I understand this I am not game to try to use a higher goal in case I lose a streak and maybe even lose it all.

Actually I also don't understand the scoring! It would be good if the developers published a full explanation as there seems to be a lot of doubt around as to how it works,

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