"We did not like the chicken."

Translation:A noi non è piaciuto il pollo.

June 13, 2013



One of the correct solutions accepted is "Non ci piacque il pollo." What the heck is "piacque"???

March 28, 2014


I'm struggling badly with piaciuto, piacque etc. Can't find clear explanations free of heavy language jargon anywhere.

April 23, 2014


Me too!

June 6, 2014


I used the sentence "non abbiamo piacuto il pollo" and it was incorrect. Any ideas why the above translation is the correct answer?

Finding this section very difficult...

June 13, 2013


For "piacere" you must "invert" subject and object: you could literally translate "Non ci è piaciuto il pollo" with "The chicken wasn't enjoyable for us". In italian the subject of "piacere" is the thing one likes

June 13, 2013


Thanks :) that definitely helps with my confusions

June 14, 2013


Also it uses 'essere' rather than 'avere' so you need è instead of ha

February 9, 2014


I got a multiple choice question with correct answers "A noi non è piaciuto il pollo" and "Non ci è piaciuto il pollo". My questions are: Is it OK to omit the "ci" in the first sentence? Would it be wrong if I included it?

March 25, 2014


Yes. There are two forms for 'to us':

to us = a noi = ci

You can either use 'a noi' or 'ci', but not both together.

May 18, 2014
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