"Hvorfor kan du ikke placere dig selv?"

Translation:Why can you not place yourself?

October 7, 2014


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This is not good English. I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

February 12, 2016


imagine that you are angry teacher,and some schoolpupil aint going to calm,and you are like a : Can you already place yourself!!!!!!!!


Sorry to disappoint you but your suggestion is simply NOT likely to be used by a native English speaker, and sounds very much like an awkward attempt. The hearer would possibly understand what you were trying to say...


Maybe if the teacher is NOT a native English speaker!


Hvorfar kan du ikke fix this sentence?


What does this mean? Like sit down?


This sentence is somewhat strange. It does not mean "Why can't you sit down?" but rather "Why can't you place yourself?"


How many words are there for put/place? Placere, putte, stille?


sætte, stille, lægge, putte, komme, stikke (Han stak hovedet ud ad vinduet.) placere, udtrykke (Hun udtrykte det på en spøjs måde) bringe, anslå hehehe enjoy


the bear studies english makes more sense than this sentence


When I hear this, I imagine I'm taking some kind of placement test, and someone is asking me why I don't already know what my strengths are. Idk, it's definitely a very strange sentence, one I doubt I'll find much use for.


This sentence still has no meaning to a native English speaker. A complete waste of time from a language learning or reinforcing perspective! Could it please be removed and replaced with something worth learning?


could you also use place as in to place yourself for the final round?


If you said this in UK, everyone would know that you were a foreigner.


OK, I got the literal translation right, but I'm still clueless to what the sentence is supposed to mean. If anyone knows, please let the rest of us know too please.


I have no idea what "Why can you not place yourself?" means.


This sentence is just not possible in English - what are we supposed to be trying to say? If I read the answers given to similar questions below, they also don't make any sense in English. Are you trying to say 'Can you please sit down'?


Terrible english.


know your place servant


Hmm I am confused about the meaning of the English translation so I cannot use this in Danish without a clearer sense of what is meant.


It's a very weird sentence given out of context, and I find it hard to guess what it's intended to mean here on duolingo. Thinking carefully, it would just about be possible in a very specific situation - it's possible to place people, e.g. in a work placement, or with a host family. But it's a very unlikely sentence.

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