"Min familie vil gerne købe et hus."

Translation:My family wants to buy a house.

October 7, 2014



When do you need "at"? It seems like it doesn't always correspond to where "to" is in English.

October 7, 2014


    After modal verbs (can, will etc.) the infinitive doesn't need the "at". In Danish, wanting something is sometimes expressed using the modal verb "ville" and the adverb "gerne" (unlike the English that uses "wants" or "would like" where "to" always follows)

    October 7, 2014


    Is 'vil gerne' something you can say in passing or is it an immediate request? As in could I casually mention to a friend that they want a house using 'vil gerne' or should I use ønsker.

    I feel like 'vil gerne' is like they are talking to a realtor over the phone telling him.her their need.

    November 20, 2016


    Et hus means a house right? Not to

    January 28, 2019
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