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Lost access to an account


When I created account, I used a wrong email address. Now I don't remember my password anymore, and I cannot run the tests from my computer. I can only run Duolingo on my phone.

I contacted technical support, but nobody answered. Question: what are possible options for me? Is it possible to somehow change the email address association to my user name? Is it possible to copy progress I currently have to a second account which I could use? Help me, anyone, please!!

October 7, 2014



If you do not know the email address or the password, I don't think there is any way for them to help you. If they did, then it would be very easy to compromise anyone's account that I wanted just by saying it was mine and I had lost both ways to verify that information.

If you still have access to the email account you used to create it though, you will need to sign out of Duolingo and then select "Reset my Password" (or it might have been 'forgot my password". Duolingo will use the email associated with the account to allow you to reset the password.

I hope this helped answer your question!


Bad news for me. I really want to keep my progress. For example, I need to take my phone for the repair (it has a broken part but it works ok) and if I do this I will lost streak and won't be able to access the account until the phone is back from the repair. Is it possible to copy my progress to, for example copy ibogi to ibogi2?


Your phone must have your account password stored on it somewhere. If you could retrive it that would solve your problem. I have no idea how to do that though.


I don't know. :( p.s same happened to me except from using incorrect email:(:(:(:(:(


If you still have access to the old account on your phone , is it not possible to change the email address to the correct one in the account settings?


I didn't find the option to do this


I have never used the Duolingo app on phone but I should think it should also have a account settings page with the email address similar to the web version. Isn't that the case?

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