"Where do they come from?"

Translation:Da dove vengono?

June 13, 2013



I wrote "dove vengono" and was corrected "di dove vengono". What is the difference between di and da?

July 5, 2014


di = of da = from Hope it helps :D

August 2, 2019


What is the difference between di and da, please?

October 2, 2016


Why was "Da dove loro vengono" marked wrong here? I was under the impression you could use the pronoun or not use it.

June 13, 2013

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If I were to use a personal pronoun here I'd either say "Loro da dove vengono?" or "Da dove vengono loro?"; "Da dove loro vengono" sounds like a subordinate sentence, e.g. "Il posto da dove loro vengono". I don't know of any rule to quote though.

June 13, 2013


I have also wrote "Da dove loro vengono" and came here to find the answer to this question. So, grazie tanto mister ANT ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ

July 15, 2019


I English you have to specify the subject (they) but as this information is built into the conjugation of the verb (vengono) it can be left out in Italian.

Da dove vengono = Where do they come from

But if you want to you can specify the subject, (but be careful not break up "da dove" as this is a phrase):

Loro, da dove vengono = Where do they come from

. . and if you want to emphasis that it is them and nobody else you talk about you can put it last in the sentence.

Da dove vengono loro = Where do they come from

August 12, 2019


grazie formica

September 9, 2019


As you said, you could use the personal pronoun or not, therefore it should be correct.

June 13, 2013


Why not di instead of Da here ? Im confused like... Di dove sei- where are you from...

August 13, 2018


Does "Vengono da dove?" make sense or just completely wrong?

November 22, 2013


Will Dove vengono be right, too??

February 17, 2016


Why is 'da' used here and not 'di'?

January 2, 2019


could arrivano substitute for vengono

April 13, 2015

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"Da dove vengono?" has a more general meaning than "da dove arrivano?"; "vengo da Firenze" can mean either that I was born in Florence or that my current journey started in Florence, while "arrivo da Firenze" can only mean the latter.

April 13, 2015


What the heck is provengono?

August 31, 2018


I googled this and it said Di dove vengono? and Da dove vengono? mean exactly the same thing but DL marked Di dove vengono? as incorrect. Why is this?

July 12, 2019


I wrote 'di dove vengono' because in an earlier question (where the verb was singular) I wrote Da dove sei' and it was marked wrong, saying it should be 'Di dove sei' so this time I changed the Da to Di and it was marked wrong! Confused. Anyone know when you use Di and Da please!

July 31, 2019
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