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Pronunciation help?

I JUST started in Danish and I've watched a few videos of Danish lessons. I've noticed the pronunciation seems very erratic... some letters aren't pronounced at all, some are pronounced very differently.

Are there any good, straight-forward resources you've found helpful?

October 7, 2014



Tell me about it :) There are rules, a lot of rules: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCELY640l4PvwswWPTfMQ5YA/videos I haven't gone through all the videos yet, quite often I just check the pronunciation with Ivona (ivona.com) or at http://ordnet.dk


The most important sound to get right is the soft d. To most people it sounds like an l but it definitely doesn't to a Dane. When you pronounce an l, the tip of your tongue goes up but when you pronounce the soft d, it should stay flat in your mouth with the tip of the tongue touching the back of the lower front teeth. Be sure to use a mirror at first when you practice the sound. Your tongue may be playing tricks on you and still go up because your tongues muscles have been trained to move the tongue up when you hear something that sounds like an l but looking at yourself in a mirror will usually stop this. If this doesn't work take your tooth brush and force your tongue to stay down while you practice the sound.

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