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"O professor ensina os alunos."

Translation:The teacher teaches the students.

June 13, 2013



Is O professor ensina aos alunos also correct? I know in Spanish El professor enseña matemática a los estudiantes, but not el professor enseña los estudiantes. Are students an indirect object? Same with ligar. Do you ligar os jovens or ligar aos joven?


It depends. Ensinar + subject = ele ensina aos alunos como fazer o exercício (you have a greater context, using como). Ele ensina os alunos a tocar flauta. Now, the preposition goes after...


We say "ligar para"


Could it also be: the teacher teaches his students ("dele" considered implied)


I would also like to know this.


Yes, it also fits here.


Do you know when will we learn this Portuguese language wrinkle? =]

I know I should probably not look forward as it kind of discourages me, but it does also help me come to terms with these concepts before they surprise me. =)

EDIT: Nevermind, I was thinking of "clitics" (object pronouns) but that would put "os" before the verb, or directly after it with a hyphen "-" or bring in the indirect object pronouns lhes (if a preposition is demanded by the verb as with gostar, precisar, pensar).



But as always, I do appreciate your answers, and I still learn from them. :)


I think it is a question of context. Sometimes, you can infer the the "thing" belongs to the doer of the action.

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