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Coach is messing up my streak

Since the addition of the coach my score has been very wonky, to say the least. Yesterday I'd set the bar fairly low on 1 XP, and surpassed it without much difficulties. Unfortunately the little green tick did not appear in the streak flame, but the coach did say that the XP goal was met. To be on the safe side I purchased a streak freeze, and I am happy I did that because the streak did not go from 126 to 127, and the streak freeze had disappeared.

To make things even more complicated... This happened.


I might be enthousiastic, but I reckon that even for the most experienced Duolingo user 166 points in 5 minutes is nearly impossible. Without me doing anything the coach states that I have earned 166 XP, which is impossible. Is this a bug and will it be fixed soon?

I'll keep buying the streak freezes if necessary, but I hope that this problem can be fixed.

October 7, 2014



Looks like a bug to me!


It's possible to get that many points in five minutes in immersion, on a big copy-and-paste list of countries or states or something (as long as you make sure to change to English!).


I had something similar happen. I didn't lose my streak, but the Coach/graph added my points to yesterday's total, I think. Did you report it to Duo via the 'Support' tab?


I have the same issue, the green tick does't appear, I also have steak freeze active, and have surpassed the amount of points required by coach, yet nothing happens.

This is quite frustrating. :<


Have you tried the Coach troubleshooting tip page https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4916339?


I have tried to fix the problem by following these steps, but it is still partly there. For some reason the green tick appeared after refreshing, but unfortunately the goal meter is still showing the wrong number of XPs (85 instead of 4). This is getting quite frustrating...


And I cannot understand where i reached in my level.

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