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  5. "Frakken er beskidt."

"Frakken er beskidt."

Translation:The coat is dirty.

October 8, 2014



Hmm. Beskidt is clearly cognate with 18th-century English beshit. Helps to remember it, anyway!


is beskidt declined with a t for common and neuter words?


beskidt isn't declined with it, it just has a t in the word so doesn't add one with neuter


En beskidt hund i et beskidt hundehus.


Are there any sinonymes for "beskidt"?


The short answer is "yes" but I bet that was not really what you were hoping for. You can look up danish words on http://ordnet.dk.


For the different meanings of the words these synonymes are mentioned:

Generally: dirty, filthy: snavset, smudsig

1.a of that which may make you dirty

1.b indecent, treacherous, criminal - lousy, common: tarvelig, gemen

1.c about work - harsh, hard, trivial: ubehagelig, hård, triviel

1.d about language - foul: sjofelt

1.e about music - noisy, rough, unpolished: larmende, rå, upoleret

I can come up with a couple of related words some of which are probably in the slang category:

namset (gooy), nasset (sticky), ulækker (disgusting), klam (damp, clammy), ækel (vile), uhygiejnisk (unhygienic), forurenet (contaminated), uren (unclean).


Thanks a lot! I'll try to remember to ask more concretely further on. ;) And here's a lingot for you!


Thanks so much for your list. I keep hearing 'biscuit', so I might need to memorise a less ambiguous word.


It's the definite, so why isn't it beskidte?


If the adjective was used as an attribute, you would be right: "Den beskidte jakke". But in this case the adjective is a predicate: "Jakken er beskidt". In English the adjective has the same form in both cases: "The dirty jacket" and "The jacket is dirty". That's just not the case in Danish. I hope that helps. Forgive me if I messed up some of the grammatical terms. I just realised that I've used the word "case" three times.

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