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Timed Mode Tweak

So I have no problem with the timer running down in timed mode when I enter the discussion page, however can it be changed so the page doesn't auto refresh to the sites main page when the time runs out.

Basically what happened is that I ran into a mistake in one of the questions and wanted to post it for disscussion but the timer ran out and it sent me to the main page before I had a chance to post.

June 13, 2013



Also, why keep the timer running when a mistake is made? I don't have time to figure out what went wrong.


I get that the timer is supposed to keep us on our toes, but Omnia87 is also right: if Duo gives us feedback, we should have a chance to look at it without being penalised. Maybe there could be another timer that pauses the main timer and gives us 5-10 unpenalised seconds to look at the feedback before automatically moving on to the next question?

Meanwhile, if I give a correct answer that Duo marks as wrong, and I want to report this (which is one of the marvellous things about Duo!) I lose both the point/heart and the time it takes to point out the correction, thereby doubly penalising me. I don't think that's how it should work! At the very least, the timer should pause if the "report problem" button is hit, and if that gets abused by people to make timed practice not timed, that's their loss.


I agree that when the timer runs out it shouldn't refresh automatically. Many times I'm writing the answer which I'm not certain of, and because it refreshes I cannot see the solution because I hadn't posted it yet.


I remembered another problem with the last question before timer runs out. For some reason, when we have about 1 or 2 seconds left, when we click enter it doesn't check like usually, instead, it begins a new paragraph (like we'd be holding the key "shift"). Has anyone else experienced this?


It's a good idea, but please remember that the discussion isn't for reporting mistakes in the question -- you should use the "report a problem" button for that. Of course, if you're not sure whether it's Duo's mistake or yours, you can use the discussion to clarify. (I think the timer might even pause when you report a problem -- I'm not sure.)


The timer never pauses, unfortunately.


I wasn't reporting the mistake, I was putting it up for discussion so other Italian learners can further explain if it was a mistake or my translation just wasn't acceptable. =D


I think pausing the timer to report a problem (or any other thing) will violate its idea of being under stress and giving full intention.


This makes sense. I am often annoyed that I can't pause timed practice, but then, if I could, it would not be so fast and demanding.

As for reporting or writing comments, this should be done while doing lessons and untimed practice. After you know the topic well and have reported and asked anything you had to, you move to timed practice where you only train speed and reaction. Not a bad idea at all.


I think allowing us to read the user comments about the questions we got wrong following the timed mode would be a good middle ground. Keep blitzingthrough your questions, but go back aferwards for your review. As it is right now, it just tells me what I got wrong and what the correct answer is, but I need the context of the user feedback!


There's an option to review the lesson afterwards - why not add the option to see the discussion regarding a given sentence there? Is this something that I could report to duolingo (even though it's not really a bug, just... a missing feature I guess)?


Similarly, you should be able to report problems at this stage.

I'm not aware of a way of reporting a missing feature or giving feedback. It's how I ended up here!

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