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  5. "Zij draagt liever klompen."

"Zij draagt liever klompen."

Translation:She prefers wearing clogs.

October 8, 2014



I don't blame her as I wear mine all the time too. Someone took them to America, renamed them crocs and hiked up the price.


It accepts, "She prefers to wear clogs" which would be a more natural way to say it.


Doesn't that translation sounds very weird in English...? I'd rather day ' She wears preferably clogs', but it's rejected...


"She preferably wears clogs" sounds odd to me, as a US English speaker. "She prefers to wear clogs" works, though.


"She likes wearing clogs more" isn't inherently odd, but it does imply a comparative in the surrounding context (i.e. "she likes wearing clogs more than something else). But that's to be expected in the Comparative and Superlative skill. :)

When using preferably in the middle of the sentence, the adverb is placed between the subject and verb (i.e. "She preferably wears clogs"). It could also go at the beginning ("Preferably she wears clogs") or end ("She wears clogs preferably"). Here's some more information on adverb placement: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/grammar/british-grammar/adverbs-and-adverb-phrases-position

FYI - "She prefers to wear clogs" was accepted. (Oct. 2014)


Or - She'd rather wear clogs - which is accepted.


That wasn't accepted for me ("She'd rather wear clogs") ..but instead "She rather wears clogs" was accepted. The later is grammatically incorrect as far as I am concerned (Oct2017)


why can't it be loves to wear?


I think that may be "Ze houdt van klompen te dragen." Not sure if "te" is wrong, optional, or necessary? Corrections, or sentences synonymous, anyone?


Hi Stephen. In Dutch you'd better say "Ze houdt van klompen dragen". If you want to put "te" in it, there is a way "Ze houdt ERvan klompen TE dragen", but it sounds maybe a little sofisticated. The main problem at the other hand is, that " Ze houdt van klompen dragen" has a different translation, meaning in English "She likes wearing clogs" and not "She likes wearing clogs MORE", which is the required one. Wish you a nice fall, Lu.


Is "she rather wears clogs" also ok? Are those sentences the same?


Yes the meaning is the same, at least in the way "rather" is applied here. But it is not the literal translation. She rather wears clogs literally becomes "Ze draagt eerder klompen" (which is as saying "ze draagt liever klompen" in fact).


i wrote 'she would rather wear clogs' - 'would rather' being a form of prefer. it was rejected since there's no 'sullen' form, i guess


@tracy, my answer was the same. Someone here has mentioned that "She'd rather wear clogs" was accepted. Strange!


I think "She would rather wear clogs" should also be accepted. What's wrong with it?


Klompen perfect wanneer je stamppot aan het maken ben

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