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"Mijn jongste zus is lerares, mijn oudste dokter."

Translation:My youngest sister is a teacher, my oldest a doctor.

October 8, 2014



Can it also be eldest?


I don't know if Duolingo accepts it or not, but it is certainly correct


You can say "my oldest" without "one". Are you saying it's wrong?


It sounds ok without "one" to my british ears, and correct but a bit foreign with "one". But i would normally say eldest, rather than oldest. Old seems to go "old, older, oldest" most times, and always good, but when talking of family members it seems quite ok to use "old, elder, eldest". If a parent talks of his oldest child it seems normal to omit reference to son, daughter, child, if you use "eldest". "My eldest is a doctor" to me means "my oldest child is a doctor". I would use eldest only in family relationships, not so much for unrelated people, eg classmates. Learning another language forces you to look at how you use your own, and my usage might be atypical, but i doubt it.


I'm hoping someone can help me - in my native Afrikaans we use leraar/lerares as a lecturer and onderwyser/onderwyseres as teacher. If leraar/lerares is teacher, what is a lecturer?


this is what I found on the internet. I am a native dutch speaker and we don't use the word lecturer so I hope this can help you. lecturer 1. spreker, houder van lezing 2. docent (in het hoger onderwijs)


Thanks, we also have variant "dosent", so that makes sense! So you will just always use leraar/lerares regardless of level?


"My youngest sister is a teacher, my oldest a doctor". I'm not a native English speaker but is this really correct English? I wrote "My youngest sister is a teacher, my oldest one is a doctor" which sounded way better to me but it was incorrect...


It is correct. I would personally use the word eldest rather than oldest when referring to sibling relations. Your sentence also sounds fine to me


I translated the last bit of the sentence as "my oldest doctor" but got a wrong since there is no article "a" . Shouldn't the Dutch sentence also have an "een" before dokter?


The sentence is actually mijn oudste (zus is) dokter, aka my oldest (sister is a) doctor but the zus is is implied. In this case, you don't need to write the een, whether you do it in English or not.

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