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"Pigen kan ikke lide vandmænd."

Translation:The girl does not like jellyfish.

October 8, 2014



how can jelly fish can be "water men" ?


Vandmænd are a type of jellyfish often found in denmark called moon jellyfish in english. Jellyfish in general are called gobler ( en goble)


Hmm I feem it would be more helpful to teach us the general term. I mean I don't forsee myself having many conversations in danish about jellyfish, but I really don't see me having them about a specific type of jellyfish. Even despite the fact they are often found in Denmark, calling them 'goble' would still be correct and is easier


I've been going to Danish beaches for decades and have never heard the words gobler or goble before, only vandmaend.


I met some men as itchy as a jellyfish. Counter-question: how can a fish be made in jelly? How would it taste? Mmm? Mmm?


ahhhh the English traditional cook. The worst jellied dish I ever tasted was a Kidney pudding in London downtown (and it cost arm+leg LOL). Regarding Jellied dishes, I prefer my mother's snailsausage delicious recipe! Have a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbxb4Suz0w8


You can cook jellyfish, mainly in salads. Search for the recipes on google if you want to try. ready to cook jellyfish are now quite common, dried or salted, often imported from asia. The local species in europe are barely comestible when they are not toxic but there are lots of traditional caribbean and west african recipes, and of course asian


Vandmanden is also Aquarius in astrology.


"Vandmænd". I like it! So as "jellyfish". They sound more...friendly. In Russian, we call this creature "Medusa" (Медуза)


I think jellyfishes is incorrect. The plural of fish is fish, therefore the plural of jellyfish is jellyfish.


I have also been told that if you have multiple species of fish, then fishes is acceptable. This might, however, be a colloquialism.


Correct, davidfmcandrew, but where do you read "jellyfishes"? The answer given reads "jellyfish".


That's because you responded to a 3 month old remark, which was corrected in the meantime :)


Whooops! :-)


When saying 'I like", do you have to have 'godt' in there or can you juat say 'jeg kan lide...'?


You do not need "godt"


I like this one. Gives you a real sense of cultural perception regarding every day objects.


In Spanish it's called "agua viva" (living water)


Is corret I don't understand


Impossible every time erro fra duolingo


The girl doesn't like the jellyfish. Why is it wrong? Does not and doesn't are just the same


I don't think it has anything to do with "does not/doesn't", but the fact that you have included the article "the" before jellyfish. There is no article in the Danish sentence.

The jellyfish = A specific jellyfish.

Jellyfish = Jellyfish in general.


I've been going to Danish beaches for decades and have never heard the words goble or gobler; only vandmaend.

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