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"De voorkant van het gebouw is blauw."

Translation:The front of the building is blue.

October 8, 2014



What's wrong with facade for voorkant?


Maybe it could be accepted. But take care, this is not a common word for the front of a building. Maybe it's still used by e.g. construction workers and architects, but normally not in everyday use. The figurative een facade opwerpen (hiding yourself/hiding your true activities or agenda) is still used.


I have the same. Why facade is not an acceptable answer?


A facade is often, but not always, the front of a building. Since voorkant only means the front, it is best to not use facade as a translation.


I wonder if you are not mistaking facade with elevation. The facade of a building is the main elevation, which normally corresponds with the street elevation, which is by definition the front one. Obviously some buildings have several street elevations but they do not normally have the same importance/treatment. I think facade as the english translation for voorkant should be accepted as an alternative to front.

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