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  5. "Esa es una sopa sin huevo."

"Esa es una sopa sin huevo."

Translation:That is a soup without egg.

June 13, 2013



A soup without egg? Talk about weird sentences.


Just imagine you are at a Chinese restaurant and you order egg drop soup but the chef forgets to put the egg in it and you exclaim "This is a soup without egg!"


While I might not randomly make that statement in certain Spanish cultures eggs are cracked open and added to soup while it cooks. I love my ramen noodles with egg :D


Yes - egg is a common ingredient in soup in Spain, and some people can't eat eggs, so they ask for "soup without egg(s)" or sopa sin huevo.


It would be weirder as this is an egg without soup.


This should translate to "that is a soup without eggs." I reported it.


Not necessarily. I think both the singular and plural of "egg" are acceptable translations.


"That is a soup without eggs." just worked for me.


Egg would be the appropriate word here, not eggs.


l knew how to translate this sentence literally but i had a few hearts so i tried (this is an egg less soup) which is how we would describe it where i am from ejemplo egg less cake or egg less bread can be seen labelled on the super market shelves in my country but the owl dinged me go figure


It is an eggless soup but eggless is written as one word. 'less' becomes a suffix added to the end of the word to indicate a lack of eggs. I wonder if the owl would accept 'eggless' - I will try it if I run into this sentence again.


Eggless to me sound like a reference to infertility. Egg free sits better with me. I do see eggless used in some cooking articles on Google though the spell-check doesn't recognize..


I also put eggless soup, knowing full well that I'd lose a heart, but I still gave it a try because I thought that there was also a good chance of losing a heart for choosing the wrong one between "a soup without egg" or a soup without eggs". The trouble is, I'll have forgotten what's accepted by the next time around.


Eggless should be a correct word, but even Google dictionary seems to miss it.

There are millions of recipes for eggless baking, and yeah, the spell it sans hyphen. There's eggless.com, All Recipies is filled with recipies for eggless brownies, cakes, pancakes, etc.


David Rosa.tt, eggless is one word, as others have noted. And separating them changes the meaning. Egg less bread means an egg sans bread. Likewise, egg less cake means an egg minus cake. Have you tried answering with "eggless"?


I put... "without an egg" since it's singular and it was wrong.


It isn't really singular in this context, as the Spanish "huevo" is used as a collective noun here, as in " soup without eggs (in)".

They use it in the same way as we would say "without meat" or "without cheese".


It did not like "that is an egg-free soup"


Eso es una frase extra├▒o....


In English I would say That is a soup without eggS. However for this lesson I did write That is a soup without egg. (I didn't want to get dinged.

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