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"De man krijgt een telefoontje van de bank."

Translation:The man is getting a call from the bank.

3 years ago


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I guess we shouldn't translate this as him getting a call from his couch.... :-)

3 years ago

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Give it ten years and Apple will probably come up with something like that.

<triiing triiing>

  • Hello, this is Darlene

o Yes hello Darlene, this is your couch.

  • Hello couch, what can I do for you?

o I'm calling you because your ass is getting too fat for me to keep being able to continue my support for you. Have you considered upgrading to our new carbon nanotubed model that will offer you all the comfort you want and give me the relieve that I so desperately need?

  • Why you impertinent bigmouth!!! I ought to rinse your crevices with soap!

o Thank you. While you're at it please remove the bottles of diet coke from under me, they are blocking my view to your telly.


3 years ago


All you need to do is to watch Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and then use yout imagination

2 years ago


So I take it:
telefoon - the actual telephone
telefoontje - telephone call?

2 years ago

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How do you say "small telephone"?

1 week ago