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"Perché non il numero tredici?"

Translation:Why not the number thirteen?

June 13, 2013



There are actually some pretty interesting to why 13 is considered unlucky. The only one I can remember is that there were 13 people around the table at the last supper. I highly recommend looking it up!

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In Italy 13 isn't actually considered such an unlucky number; it's considered bad luck to have 13 people at the table, but otherwise it's often even considered a lucky number. On the other hand the most unlucky number for an Italian is 17, supposedly because the Roman XVII was an anagram for VIXI (I lived, i.e. I'm dead), and venerdì 17 is the most unlucky day.


Really! Cool! I didn't know that. I figure the table thing relates to the Last Supper, and then XVII = VIXI makes as much sense as the theories for the unlucky qualities of 13. The Chinese have a better reason to think 4 is unlucky: It sounds just like death (tones difference). I laughed when I learned that 666 is a lucky number for the Chinese and Japanese!


True, 666 is lucky here in China.

In upper-class hotels in China usually the 13th floor is "missing" and the 4th floor is "missing" too.

Sometimes there is a floor 12b or 3b. But when you walk the fire escape often you see signs "4th floor" or "13th floor". The disguise is only used for the numbering of rooms.


Makes sense: if you need the fire escape, you already got bad luck anyway...


That's pretty funny. I did not know that. In the US there are actually some hotels that don't have a thirteenth floor out of superstition. Of course they actually do have a thirteenth, logically speaking. They just call it fourteen.


Perché venerdi? Perché non lunedi 17? Interessante!


Perchè nella bibbia il diluvio universale è iniziato il giorno venerdí 17


In Judaism the number 13 is considered a lucky number, I guess it's because we celebrate our Bar Mitzva on age 13


This translation is awkward English. Why not "why is there no number thirteen"?


Why not ‘no. 13’?


Such an abbreviation isn't allowed for in the database, probably because they're looking for full words to make sure you understand exactly what it is you're saying.


Why is "why is it not the number 13?" wrong?


Why not: "Why not number 13?"


I translated the Italian sentence to "Why not number 13" and it was not accepted by the Duolingo system. Writing numbers as numbers instead of words has been accepted by Duolingo in every other question I answered.

Maybe the article "the" is strictly necessary in this sentence?


Oh... well... that was my best guess. If that's been proven wrong, then I have no sensible explanation. At this point I could give you an answer, but it would be out of my intellectual jurisdiction.


Perhaps because they want to refer to the number itself, as opposed to the thirteenth "something" - house number thirteen, apartment number thirteen, etc. but "the number" thirteen. Just a thought.


I assume your question is why doesn't Duo permit the number itself to be written. In this context it's mostly important that you understand the word itself, but it's not actually proper English to use a number in this kind of context. Numbers in writing are reserved for things like math equations, prices, times and dates, and things like that.


Actually, in written English you write out the numbers one to ten in words, then use numerals for numbers larger than ten, unless it's at the beginning of a sentence. "She has 27 cats. Twelve of them are kittens, and 15 are fully grown."


Back when I was in school, we lost points for not writing out every number. (Unless it was pi). ;)


Thirteenth Comment !!!!


Perché non Zoidberg?

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