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"Hendes elefant spiser brød."

Translation:Her elephant eats bread.

4 years ago



I don't think that is a healthy diet for an elephant...

3 years ago


Does anyone else is having troubles to pronounce brød? I don't know how I can say this word correctly even trying hard :(

2 years ago


I make the r and ø sound like french (danish r is a little bit different, more guttural). Then the "d" sound is a little bit more problematic. The most similar sound in english is the "th" sound as in "those". But if you want to sound more danish, you should separate the tongue from the teeth a bit and it will sound like you are throwing up, just like danish :)

1 year ago


It's just something you have to keep hearing over time. I have 2 friends who are Danish that begin speaking to each other in Dansk around me. To this day, 2.5 years later I now today just was able to say it correctly ONE TIME. Just have to get used to hearing them talking. I recommend using Forvo.com to hear actual Danish speakers pronounce the words. Duolingo saying them doesn't completely help.

7 months ago


You need to like rumple your throat when you say the ø, i speak fluently danish, so i know how to pronounce EVERYTHING in danish XD

7 months ago

[deactivated user]

    is it possible to say huns instead of hendes or does the word not exist?

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    1 year ago


    Is there a reason han goes to hans but hun goes to hendes?

    1 year ago


    Why are they puting her elephant eats bread instead of her elephant is "eating" bread.

    1 year ago

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    That should be accepted too

    1 year ago