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  5. "They are not doctors yet."

"They are not doctors yet."

Translation:De er ikke doktorer endnu.

October 8, 2014



In an earlier sentence the translation was "endnu ikke en kvinde". So, is it possible to say "De er endnu ikke doktorer", or why is it wrong?


i think the placement might have something to do with the meaning. endnu could be "even" or "yet," depending on if it's "they are not even doctors//de er ikke endnu doktorer" versus "they are not doctors yet//de er ikke doktorer endnu"


It isn't wrong, and that's the way I would say it as well.


'Doktorer'? Ehm, no. 'Læger' is more correct Danish. 'Doktorer' is not wrong, I've just never heard anyone say it.


I suppose 'Laeger' is just a medical doctor, while 'doctor' suggests any kind of academic 'doctorat'

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