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suggestion: report incorrect translation from review page after lesson / topic review has concluded

Not sure if this is the correct place to post suggestions or feature requests, but i'll try anyways

It is currently only possible to report an incorrect translation or suggest a new one right away when the question was answered.

When doing a timed practice, however, this is not a great option as the time keeps on ticking while you are writing the report. Enabling a report once the session is completed (from the review screen) would help improve the content further.


October 8, 2014



There have been many suggestions for a pause button on timed practice, and that would be necessary to have what you suggested. Being able to pause the lesson and report a problem would be great.


Nope. The suggestion is for the report option on the review report that you get at the end of session. That will address the concern without stopping the running clock which is the very essence of the timed practices.


I haven't done a lesson in a while, so when I just saw that you mentioned "the report option on the review report that you get at the end of session," I thought, I'm missing something here. So I just did a lesson and realized that you can actually review it at the end! I'm probably the only one who didn't know about it. :/ Okay, I get it now.


I have the same complaint. I like to read the discussions and it messed up my timed practice a couple of times. I think the best solution would be for the timer to stop automatically once the report or discussion overlays open up. That shouldn't be too hard to program (I suppose it's JavaScript).


This really is something that Duo should implement -- I often miss the chance to report errors in exercises because I automatically and quickly click the button to advance to the next page, having assumed that my correct response would be recognized as such. Plus, such a feature would let you identify inconsistencies between exercises -- I've often found translations that are accepted on some exercises but rejected in others over the course of a single lesson.

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