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Explanation how to get back your XP Progress bar!

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Here is a workaround to bring back your experience points progress bar:

1) You need to use Firefox and have installed GreaseMonkey ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/ ) allowing some custom JavaScript being executed on a selected page.

2) Having this program, add a new Custom Script (name, namespace, etc don't matter just fill in "test")

3) Open the Custom Script you created and replace everything with the following content:

Sorry, posting code here doesn't seem to work properly - please download the code (as ZIP) from my page: http://th23.net/wp-content/uploads/temp/th23_Duolingo.user.js.zip

Enjoy your newly "won" XP bar :-)

October 8, 2014



I understand the purpose of A/B testing but is removing the XP bar really worth an A/B test? It's clearly more motivating as everyone on the site has expressed and it's totally compatible with the coach anyway.

Why not use A/B testing to focus on New Features like using Lignots to purchase language games/tournaments or something.


Good day!

Perhaps it may be possible for one to inquire, "Does this interject within the policies of this website? Is this appropriate by the standards given by this website?"

Regardless, I am incredibly thankful. Honestly. Please inform me if there are any of the said, "interjections." I am a man of integrity and I am a man of morals and ethics. Please inform me and, if I may, once more, THANK YOU!

Please enjoy the remainder of your day.

<pre> -Sincerely, Guckenberger </pre>


No, this does not interfere with the policies of Duolingo. This is a custom script inside your browser, so it's basically a plug-in, not really a hack.

(I don't know this comment is downvoted so much, Guckenberger is just considering the legal side of this workaround!)


Good day!

Thank you very much for your support, "DominatorX!" I am grateful for this.

Perhaps it may be possible for one to say, "If I am correct, I gave, 'th23x' roughly 15 lingots and additional lingots for those whom gave this individual lingots."

Perhaps one may add, "I am honestly very grateful for your reply. I am thankful to access a certain, 'XP bar,' currently as well!"

Please enjoy the remainder of your day and, if I may, please take care.

<pre> -Sincerely, Alexander James Guckenberger </pre>


C'est n'est pas un probleme, mon ami. Good day as well! (Thank you for the lingots as well)


You are very welcom, "DominatorX!" :)


I can't get it to work. I added the script to GreaseMonkey, it is enabled and 'https://www.duolingo.com/*' is listed below "Included Pages". I tried putting alert("hello") at the top of your script to see if its content is executed at all and it seems like it isn't.


I've got the exact same problem. I installed the script with greasemonkey in firefox, enabled the script, enabled greasemonkey, but still no XP bar :( Does anyone have a tip to get it to work?


I found the problem! I was doing it all wrong! Or at least, it didn't work the way I tried first: which was: opening 'managing scripts', then adding a new script (at this point a kind of notepad application opens), then 'open file' en open the file, save it again and then close the window. But if I opened te script again for editing, the script was gone again!

Well anyway the simple solution was: dragging the downloaded file into the browser bar! Then a installation window opens, click install and it works!


Awesome, works perfectly. Thanks a bunch for that description =)


Thanks a lot! Take some lingots as well - was having the same trouble


Yay! I did what you did and it worked! Thank you!!!! <3


Thanks so much! I use several computers and set up userscipts on all of them. All the others I use have install links but I've always struggled with this one. Hopefully next time I'll remember to drag and drop!


If you didn't figure this out I had to disable adblock to get it to work for me. EDIT: You may have had a different problem now that I re-read.


It won't work for me! It keeps saying "no script is running" even though it's enabled.


THANK YOU soooo much!! Here, have 10 lingots from me xD

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Thank you - that's generous :-)


Did you make this yourself?

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Of course I looked on how others have inserted scripts into Doulingo...but the analysis on where to find the data and programming the script, sure - that's my hobby :-) Enjoy!


Excuse me, maybe you can help me! Since few weeks ago I can not see www.duolingo,com from my google-chrome, so I had to use Firefox. I tried chrome in Linux Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


...and 10 more lingots for bringing back my XP bar. Very nicely done, thank you.


Thank You!!!!!!!


Thank you so much, this is brilliant!


Lo que me cuesta entender es el pasotismo del personal que trabaje para duolingo que a sabiendas que no ha sido nada popular el cambio que han realizado aun nos mantienen sin la barra de progreso a muchos usuarios de esta aplicacion, la verdad yo no soy nada bueno en informatica y no he podido volver a recuperarla, pero si les he escrito a estos señores y no han sido capaz ni siquiera de darme una respuesta :(


Fíjate en el comentario que dejé arriba, ahí esta cada paso, yo lo hice con Chrome y la extensión de tampermonkey y ahora disfruto de la barra otra vez.


Muchas gracias Andres por tu interes pero comento alla arriba soy un negado para la computadora ;)


I can't download nothing from that link, please help!!


Thanks!! It works perfectly fine! I gave you a few more lingots :-). I'm curious. How do you do it? I mean, how does your code get each language's XP?


Loved this, but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. Not sure if it is a change in Duolingo or the new Firefox 35.0 :(


Can you do this in Iron?

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Sorry, don't know this browser...if it is Chrome based, than there is an extension called Tampermonkey, with which the script should work as well


Thank you so much for suggesting this!! I tried it in Chrome and it worked!!


Thank you! Going to try it asap.


Muchas gracias! I was able to use your script in Tampermonkey for Google Chrome.


Thanks for the info of Tampermonkey, now I can enjoy again of the XP BAR, and for those that don't have any idea how that extension works, here is how I did it:

  1. Go to the tool bar of google chrome and click on extension.
  2. Click on search for more extension and write tampermonkey and install it
  3. Download the file that "th23x" gave us http://th23.net/wp-content/uploads//temp/th23_Duolingo.user.js.zip
  4. Open tampermonkey that will appear like a square with two circles inside and click on add new scripts
  5. Once you are there click on the tab of Utilities that is in the right and click import the file that you already download from the link.
  6. Go to the tab installed scripts and click on th23 Duolingo and select enable.
  7. Refresh Duolingo and you will finally have the XP BAR again.

I hope that it was useful. Thanks for your contributions thx23 and roxyrenders


that worked perfectly fine.. THX alot both of you !!


Brilliant, So happy to have this feature back. Thanks for your clear instructions. works perfectly.


It said "unable to parse this! :("


Maybe you are doing something wrong, try to do it again step by step, otherwise use the Chrome extension of suburbio that appears below this comment


It said that for me when I imported the file that had been within the zip file--when I imported the .zip where it says to import zip files, there was no problem.


Brilliant description, thanks a lot, really missed the progress bar.


Awesome! Thanks for the excellent instructions. I don't know anything about programming, but I was able to do this following your advice!


That's awesome!! Thanks so much! Obrigado!


Vielen Dank!! :D


Excellent, perfect explanations ! I do not know how it works but It works very well !


how can i import the file?




Thank you so much!


Brother, thanks a lot :)


thank you so much Andresand Th23 i was missing the bar for so much long :)


I created a Chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duolingo-xp-bar/dkknkcpbgcaldcjpchgciginadhnapeh It uses the current language to translate the module


OMG. dude, you're a genious!!! THANKS A LOT!!!


Yay!! I'm so glad to have it back! Thanks a lot! Here are some lingots for your efforts.


You are amazing! THANK YOU!!!!!


thanks !!!!!! you are my idol man!!! thanks thanks thanks!!! I give you 4 lingots ;)


Muchas gracias, muy útil..


thanks man!!! you have 10 lingots..... you are the best ;)


genius!!! a lingot for you


Thank you for taking the time to do this. Your work is appreciated.




The words, "very," "helpful," and, "individual," may come to mind. :) I am thankful! :D


I still think that Duolingo should bring back the experience bar without the hassle of downloading scripts and implementing them into your browser. See my post for more details and our "petition": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4890984$comment_id=4934406


Let's see if we can get 10,000 people banging on the door to bring the progress bar back.




No puedo descargar el archivo de tu pagina :/ Lo podrias subir a otro servidor?

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Trate ahora y es posible de descagar...puedes tratar otra vez?


Perdon pero no puedo descargarlo :S El navegador no logra conectar con la pagina y la conexion expira


How the hell do you install this?!

I tried and got as far as down loading it, and then nothing.

It doesn't install automatically like other user scripts, I found no set up guide to help me, it just sat there doing nothing. Any idea what went wrong?

By the way, I have greasemonky.


Now script has not work. (Firefox 48.0.2) It is because new version Duo?


I answer myself: yes, this is because the new version Duo.

2 th23x
Pls, make an update.


Please fix for the recent Duo version update!


Después de multiples intentos y quebraderos de cabeza ¡¡¡Al fin!!! lo conseguí, gracias th23x, un lingot de regalo para ti :)


This is total awesomesauce. I dunno how you managed to get the code for the progressbar once it had been removed but it totally works :)

It's good knowing how far into a level you are, especially on the higher levels. Idk why they removed it completely :/


I'm really happy to get the progress bar back. Thank you!


Works perfectly, thank you!


Thank you very much!


You are the best! Thank you very much!!!


Sir, I would like to shake your hand. ::shakes hand::


thank you so much for this, I cannot abide that Pesky Coach and the way it robbed me of my XP bar, without any warning, or any way to remove him, but I am now Over the Moon to have my XP bar back and a word count etc, Thank you, giving you 2 Lingots for your help!


Muchas gracias!


For Opera users : Violentmonkey will apply this script!


Ok, your server cannot work in ALL countries, so I got help from my friends of another countries, and now, my XP Bar is back.

Thank you for the script!


It works in Opera too, using the ViolentMonkey extension.


Why don't you add the script on Greasy Fork? That way, people can find it through their *Monkey extension in FF, Chrome or Opera and install it automatically.


Thank you so much!


Thank you very much. You are both brilliant and kind .I may have to use tampermonkey through google chrome. It may be beyond me but I miss the bar so much I will have to give it a try. Great to have all you tech savvy people here to help the ones like me who are tech challenged.


I think greasemonkey is different now and i cant seem to find the "test" can you please explain how to use it in its latest version? muchas gracias!

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Sorry, I do not use Chrome really - that the script work in Greasemonkey without adaptation was luck, as I don't have time to work on the script continuously...


i don't use chrome either, but thanks anyways for letting me know about this extension :)


it doesn't work for me :(


Got it to work, thank you soooooo much. I would have bought that back from the lingot store if it was an option so have 20.


It works! with firefox 18.0.2 ~ woohoo! Thank you. :)


Call me stupid - and it's probably because English is not my 1st language either -, but I just don't get it. I'm a complete noob when it comes to things like this. So I installed the add-on, I made this script and wrote "test" in every textbox and saved. I also downloaded that code as ZIP (but it won't open :/) and I just don't get how to fix this at all.


The basic steps are to (1) install the add on, which is greasemonkey for firefox, and (2) install the userscript. You don't have to write or download a new code, as the scripts are already prepared. Go to the wiki to find the userscripts.


Click in the left column of the wiki for each one that you want, click the "install" button, or if you don't find an install button, click "raw" (same thing). Wait a few seconds, click "okay", and it's done! Now the userscript will automatically work when you're using Duolingo.


Ok, so I downloaded the XP-bar thing, a folder opened and when I clicked it, I got an error...


You installed the addon, greasemonkey or equivalent. Now you just need to install the userscripts. When you're doing this right, a screen pops up like below, you click "install" and it's done.


Hmm, then I guess something about the add-on went wrong, but I installed it anyway and I see the icon of the monkeyhead right above.


The monkey head shows the first part is fine. Then pick the userscript for the progress bar from the wiki. Hmm I see what you mean, it opens a zip file, which happened to me before too and I'm not sure what I did.


The script doesn't open the box. Hopefully someone who knows the process with a zip file can comment.



there is a different and much easier way to do it


Still working now?

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