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"Such a fish does not drink beer."

Translation:Sådan en fisk drikker ikke øl.

October 8, 2014



How about: En sådan fisk drikker ikke øl?


"A such fish doesn't drink beer"


But he does have a friend named Jeremiah, and he was a bullfrog...


They both hang about in charlies bar


Checked with my Danish girlfriend and this doesn't even make sense as a saying in Danish!


I find that Duolingo is more interested in teaching grammar and vocabulary than "useful phrases"; as such, these nonsensical sentences are supposed to make you think about the individual words and their meaning, I think.


Why, in this sentence, does not work the inversion?

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He drinks like a fish, just not beer.


I have such a hard time telling the beer-drinking fish from the teetotaling fish that being able to recognize this sentence instantly will be really useful.


Why are the subject and verb not inverted?


This is grammar that I am a little hazy on, but I think because "sådan" which would normally warrant an invertion, specifically modifies "en fisk". It depends on what "sådan" is meant to make a comparative statement about. If we invert the subject and the verb, it would also change the meaning of the sentence.

"[Sådan en fisk] drikker ikke øl." - [A fish like this/that] does not drink beer.
"[Sådan drikker] en fisk ikke øl." - A fish [doesn't drink] beer [like that].

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