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Italian in Duolingo

The further you progress with Duolingo, the more frustrating it becomes. I am finding that often valid translations are being rejected as incorrect. I don't know whether this is just because I speak very English English but it is really annoying to the told that 'turning down' the lights is wrong because the correct translation is 'dimming' the lights, when the former is what you say in England, not the latter. I have had many similar instances lately - 'incorrect' rejected because I should have said 'wrong', 'ladies' rejected because 'women' was right. I was asked to translate the expression 'core' - to me this means the centre of an apple- 'cuore' in Italian - but no, I was told core means the centre of a town. It certainly does not mean that in England. I am forty, I live in the centre on London and I have never heard anyone say that when referring to the centre of town. I also had my translation of 'quartiere' as area rejected because I should have said 'quarter', but we never use that expression here. I could go on ... The upshot of this is that it often takes me several goes to complete exercises not because I don't understand the Italian but because my translations do not exactly match the options available. THIS IS REALLY ANNOYING.

October 8, 2014



If you feel that something should be correct then use the support button to report it.

Sometime, the answer may be correct, but the word in question is an incorrect translation. This was probably the case when you used ladies instead of women. I have only seen donna/donne = woman/women, whereas signora/signore is the correct translations for lady/ladies. Some of your other examples are similarly incorrect when taken literally. I found that by checking which words are introduced in the lesson and using the correct tranlation usually helps me to know what they are expecting.


wow.........long comment.........


I have only just seen this comment but I too have suffered from the "No British English Here" bug. Sometimes, as psionpete says it is an invalid translation in which case, fair enough, wrong is wrong but .... and it's a big but .... sometimes perfectly normal, everyday British words are rejected solely because they are not American and that is INCREDIBLY frustrating. A good example is the "trousers/pants" problem. Duolingo kept rejecting "trousers" as incorrect and then giving "pants" as correct. However, as anyone who lives here would know, in Britain the word "trousers" would be normal usage and "pants" would be more likely to refer to underwear (and yes, I did report it). I agree that the word "pants" is gaining currency here due to the influence of American films and TV programmes but even so, it is more likely to refer to casual wear. In their defence I must say that Duolingo have now dealt with this particular example and seem quite happy to accept "trousers" I have always reported rejected British English and Duolingo do respond but it takes time and in the meantime you have lost hearts, lessons and progress, solely for using British not American words and that becomes both frustrating and disheartening after a little while. I am not criticising Duolingo too heavily for the problem, it is difficult to avoid American bias in a world with more American speakers than British and they do respond when the discrepancies are pointed out to them but I think part of the problem lies in the source dictionary. The most comprehensive dictionary as far as I'm aware, is the FULL "Oxford English Dictionary" which not only lists both British and American usages but also clearly indicates which is which. Unfortunately, I suspect, that Duolingo relies more on Merriam-Webster, a great dictionary in most areas but a bit weak on British usages. This is a genuine problem and seems to afflict the German and French courses as well as the Italian one. I know this all sounds like one prolonged rant but we do need to get this sorted out before people like marymillicent and I go mad with the frustration of having our British English rejected time, after time, after time. WE NEED HELP !!!!

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