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  5. "Ik zal mijn ouders bedanken."

"Ik zal mijn ouders bedanken."

Translation:I will thank my parents.

October 8, 2014



Is this "will" in the sense of performing a future action (i.e. a future tense of do), or is this "will" in the sense of "shall" (intention or duty)?


I don't think that distinction is made with zal, that simply is identical to will/shall. If you want it only to mean the future action, you should replace zal by ga.


If ZULLEN means SOLLEN in German (which I understand is the case), then "I should thank my parents" should also be accepted as a possible translation. Is it the case? Thanks..


You can render that with the past tense of zullen : zou + moeten

  • Ik zou mijn ouders moeten bedanken. -- "I should thank my parents."


They are not the same. In this sentence, it is just an expression of intent, not obligation


I need serious help on dutch word order and www.dutchgrammer.com does not work. Hulp alstjebleift!


Can it be translated as "I shall thank my parents"?

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Yes, it can. Both indicate future intent here--the fine distinction some make is not so specific the Dutch I've studied so far.


is this the "modal verbs" lesson or "future tense" lesson?

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