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  5. "Ik zal mijn ouders bedanken."

"Ik zal mijn ouders bedanken."

Translation:I will thank my parents.

October 8, 2014



Is this "will" in the sense of performing a future action (i.e. a future tense of do), or is this "will" in the sense of "shall" (intention or duty)?


I don't think that distinction is made with zal, that simply is identical to will/shall. If you want it only to mean the future action, you should replace zal by ga.


If ZULLEN means SOLLEN in German (which I understand is the case), then "I should thank my parents" should also be accepted as a possible translation. Is it the case? Thanks..


You can render that with the past tense of zullen : zou + moeten

  • Ik zou mijn ouders moeten bedanken. -- "I should thank my parents."


They are not the same. In this sentence, it is just an expression of intent, not obligation


I need serious help on dutch word order and www.dutchgrammer.com does not work. Hulp alstjebleift!


Can it be translated as "I shall thank my parents"?


Yes, it can. Both indicate future intent here--the fine distinction some make is not so specific the Dutch I've studied so far.


is this the "modal verbs" lesson or "future tense" lesson?

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