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Lingot store test keeps erroring out

Every time I try to use the test from the lingot store it keeps popping up with a message along the lines of "the test can not be used at this time, please try again later". So far this has meant that I have lost a lot of lingots and I can't finish the test, is this a known problem? I hope this can be sorted asap! Thanks.

October 8, 2014



It might just be a bug. Tell a Duolingo moderator. Click here to go to one's profile: https://www.duolingo.com/Usagiboy7


I told a moderator about your problem.


Hi JackStorey, if the Progress Quiz is telling you not to use it right now, I would consider it out of Order. Hopefully staff will swing by and refund your Lingots. In the meantime, here are 10 lingots. If you haven't already , I recommend purchasing the Time Practice. It isn't the same as the Progress Quiz but it's a great way to challenge yourself each day while reviewing what the lessons have covered. :)

PS If you've already purchased a Timed Practice, feel free to keep the lingots anyway. :)


Thanks for the speedy response! It'd be nice if my lingots are refunded but all is not lost if I don't get them back.

I already have Timed Practice and I enjoy using it, thanks for the lingots as you said :) I hope the test functions normally soon as possible as to see my progress from the standpoint of the test.

Thanks :)

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