"The elephant is an animal."

Translation:L'elefante è un animale.

June 14, 2013

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Why can it not be il elefante like it is il cavallo, or il cane?


Is elephant feminine?


I typed the exact same thing it said was the correct answer so i don't know why I'm wrong


il elephante è un animale чому не можна il ?


I have it correct without adding in the accents because when I add the accents it also gets marked wrong


Does anyone have an easy formula to remember gender, HELP!


Hi Sally.

The way we learnt it in school was that nouns ending with:

O is singular male, becomes I for plural: il ragazzo, Paolo; i ragazzi.

A is singular female, becomes E for plural: la ragazza, Paola; le ragazze.

E is singular for either and becomes I for plural: il limone, i limoni; la discussione, le discussioni

Sometimes the article before the noun will clarify the gender and if the word is singular or plural but as a note, some words which are male/female can in fact be reversed if we are talking specifically about the gender. For an example, the cat, which we have learnt to be male singular word can also be female singular and so the plural forms also reflect on the gender: il gatto, i gatti; la gatta, le gatte. For the most part the male plural form is used to talk about mixed gender groups: I gatti, I ragazzi, etc. I guess in the same way we would say we are human/men if we described our species even if we are female.


Practice practice practice =/


i am right again ( what is bestia


Where can I find John?


I am asked to pay attention to the accent How do I write the accent over the "e" on an English keyboard? GT


GeoffTighe, there are two ways that I use. The easy way is to find some text with the right letter, copy it with the mouse, and paste it into the text box. That usually works.

Another way is to use the "Character Map" application on Windows. A similar application is available for Linux and probably for Macintosh, too. It lets you browse through the available characters, and copy them, so you can paste them where needed.


Can't do accents on my phone a it penalised me


How do i type in the mark above the letter "e"?


How do you think about reading the hint of StanKing1?


In most phones, if you push and hold down a letter a bubble with appear above the letter with different accents for different languages. Hope that helps!!


Weird? The program says it's not oké?? I wrote it 100% correctly.


Looking at your writing of o.k. I really doubt that you typed it right...


The elephant is an animal.


Shouldn't it be elephante or is it elefante??

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