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  5. "Wie ist das Praktikum?"

"Wie ist das Praktikum?"

Translation:How is that internship?

October 8, 2014



I did not know that practicum is also an English word. I translated this as practical.


practical = praktisch


The English word "practical" when used as a noun is short for "practical examination"; occasionally, the word "Praktikum" is also used to mean a practical course or practical examination, though this use of the word is strictly limited to university.

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Yeah, I made this mistranslation for the same reason - I'm perfectly at home with "practical" being a noun meaning a course/exam which focuses on the practical application of knowledge in an otherwise theoretical study.

Alas, German husband says that Praktikum strictly means an internship so I don't think practical fits here.


It might be a regional thing. I've heard my colleagues in Germany use Praktikum to refer to a practical quite often. It came up a lot since, as university students and Phd candidates, they had to take and supervise (respectively) the courses at uni. At the time I didn't realize how specific to the milieu this use of the word is since everybody I knew there were either academics or people that worked with academics.

Duden confirms this, by the way: http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Praktikum

Similarly, from the German Wikipedia: "Außerdem wird in naturwissenschaftlichen und technischen Studiengängen die semesterbegleitende Arbeit im Labor als Praktikum bezeichnet."

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That's interesting, thanks for the info. Will file practical away in my brain as "wrong for DL, right for reality" then. Not hugely likely to come up in conversation for me but you never know.



Couldn't it also be 'What is the internship like'?


Dude, what's a practicum?


I didnt know what an internship was, not being an american. I wish there was a non american version of dl.


does anyone know the difference between das Praktikum and die Praxis?


Praxis, die 1. a) Aufführung, Anwendung von Gedanken, Vorstellungen, Theorien o. Ä. in der Wirklichkeit b) bestimmte Art und Weise, etwas zu tun, zu handhaben

  1. Erfahrung, die durch eine bestimmte praktische Tätigkeit gewonnen wird
  2. Räumlichkeit, in der ein Arzt, Masseur, eine Heilpraktikerin, Psychiaterin o. Ä., auch ein Anwalt, eine Anwältin seinen bzw. ihren Beruf ausübt

Praktikum, das 1. im Rahmen einer Ausbildung außerhalb der [Hoch]schule abzuleistende praktische Tätigkeit 2. zur praktischen Anwendung des Erlernten eingerichtete Übung(sstunde) (besonders an naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultäten einer Hochschule)


Why is how is the apprenticeship wrong? Praktikum is a neutral noun.


Being neither a German nor an English native speaker, I thought the right translation for "Praktikum" was "practice". But it is refused. Any explanation from an English native speaker is welcome.


I'm not a native english speaker but I'll try to help (my native language is Spanish) from what I understand this is an intership and by definition is An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time. ... They are typically undertaken by students and graduates looking to gain relevant skills and experience in a particular field.


Referencing the "Education" chapter : How is this different from Die Ausbildung and Die Lehre?

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