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  5. "He likes his hotel."

"He likes his hotel."

Translation:Is maith leis a óstán.

October 8, 2014



Doesn't leis a become lena?


If it meant "with his" it would change to "lena".


Why isn't "a óstán" her hotel? I thought his would be "a hóstán", but was marked wrong.


It's the other way around; a/his lenites so for the consonants that can experience lenition you add an 'h' after the content. However, it doesn't have any effect on vowels (as lenition doesn't effect vowels). a/her doesn't lenite or eclipse, and as a general rule particles that don't do either cause h-prothesis before vowels. So to go over all possibilities, consider the three nouns lón, dinnéar, óstán.

his lunch = a lón his dinnear = a dhinnéar his hotel = a óstán

her lunch = a lón (note: can't distinguish from "his lunch") her dinnear = a dinnéar her hotel = a hóstán

their lunch = a lón (same as above) their dinner = a ndinnéar their hotel = a n-óstán

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