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Question about "adding" Duolingo...

where it says to "add Duolingo to Chrome home bar"? it doesn't work when i click it anyone know why?

June 14, 2013



it could be a problem with the duolingo sight. there are still several problems with it and the duo team are working those out. quite possibly, by next year, who knows what this sight will look like? but your issue seems minor, so i think that it should be cleared up pretty soon (:


Where does it say this? I can't see it anywhere, but if you can point me at it I can at least let you know whether it works for me, which might give a clue as to whether it's a Chrome or DL problem.


This is most likely a problem on Chrome's end, although from your description it is a little hard to tell. I just tested this with Chrome on my computer and got the same message (for those wondering, when you direct the Chrome browser to duolingo.com it will pop up with a message at the top asking about adding duolingo) when I clicked on the button to add it it worked just fine and added a little duolingo owl icon to my Chrome home bar. But based on the fact that the web app is coming from the Chrome web store I would venture that the reason it is not working is the fault of Chrome, not duolingo. I would check to make sure my browser was up to date and then probably check out the Chrome web store for any help about adding web apps to see what else could be causing the problem.


I've clicked it several times to try to add it to Chrome. It shows something in my download bar, and when I open it, nothing changes on my homepage or bar at the top of the page. I've restarted my computer since then and still no change that I can see. What would the add-on mean anyway? Just a shortcut to the website?

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