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Following friends bugged

When I want to follow a friend from Facebook (Leaderboard / Find more friends on facebook), push the Follow button, it turns green, but when I go back to Leaderboard the friend is not there. If I go back again it is grey like I never pushed the button. I experienced this in Chrome (win), Safari (MaxOS), and the iOS App. It happens with 2 different friends I try to add. I have other friends, added in the past.

June 14, 2013



no chance on making it work then?


Have you tried refreshing the page? Sometimes it takes a while to update.


Yes, but it does not help. Went to the facebook place, followed, refreshed, site jumped back to leaderboard, friend is not there. I have been trying to follow this 2 friends for like 5 days, in the time I pretty much gave it time to update (like sometimes I left the site opened for hours that maybe it just needs time, and stuff like this).

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