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  5. "Sie dürfen entscheiden."

"Sie dürfen entscheiden."

Translation:You may decide.

October 9, 2014



I think the English translation: "You may decide", although technically correct, is somewhat ambiguous, since it could mean: You may decide, or you might not expressing doubt as to whether you will make a decision. The German sentence "Sie duerfen entscheiden" on the other hand, clearly means: "You are permitted to decide" and does not stray into the territory of whether you will or will not decide. I don't know how to translate that back into German, but you would start with: "Perhaps you will decide" and go from there.


Can someone tell me why 'She may decide' was not accepted. Also, would 'they may decide' be accepted?


Hi guyhoschke, as you may know, the aux. verb 'dürfen' is conjugated in present tense as follows: ich darf, du darfst, er/sie/es/man darf, wir dürfen, ihr dürfst, sie/Sie dürfen. From this one can see that 'Sie dürfen' as used in DL's sample sentence cannot mean 'she may'. 'Sie' (+ 3rd person plural 'dürfen') can here only mean 'they may' or (with Sie capitalized) 'you may'.


You may decide marked as wrong.


It is accepted now [July, '15]


Why not 'they'? It's the same conjugation. Reporting.


"They can decide" accepted as of 09.11.2016


I wrote "You can judge" and it marked it wrong despite it being under the given translations. Not saying it should be right since both are quite different meaning in English but when WOULD you use entscheiden to mean judge if not now?


Native german-speaker here and I would never translate judge with entscheiden but with richten or beurteilen or even verurteilen.


I was expecting it to mean she may decode and not you may decide


Hey Chidubem15! If it were to have been "She may decide" then it would have been "Sie darf entscheiden.", but because it's "Sie dürfen entscheiden" we can interpret that it's either saying "They may decide," and/or "You (formal) may decide,". Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any more questions!

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