Wondering if Duolingo is considering specific excercises to practice/test noun-genders? Masculin/Feminin Or has this already been considered?

September 18, 2012


I'm on level 7 for Espanol and I've been drilling on genders for nouns pretty frequently, such as, "el pajaro, el pato, la gata, la tortuga," from Animals level, "la sal, el pan, la manzana," etc from the food level. Maybe i'm not correctly answering your question? Or perhaps you will find what you're looking for as you continue to practice. Good luck! Enjoy

Hi, Thanks for your input. I am on level 13 in French. Though there is some "noun" vocab, it's not a specific section and it is sprinkled throughout sections. Not sure if gender is easier to pick up in Spanish because there is indication of the gender in the actual spelling of the noun(ends in "o" masculine etc). Maybe in french it requires more effort? Thanks!

+1 gender exercises would be a great feature. Or the ability to specifically practice translation from English into the target language, or dictation. I find translation into English to be the easiest, and thus not always worth practicing.

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