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  5. "The boy reads a newspaper."

"The boy reads a newspaper."

Translation:De jongen leest een krant.

October 9, 2014



What is the diff between leest and lezen? Help please!

October 9, 2014


It depends on the person who does it.

  • ik lees
  • jij leest / lees jij (doesn't have a t when jij comes afterwards)
  • hij leest
  • zij leest
  • het leest
  • u leest
  • wij lezen
  • jullie lezen
  • zij lezen


This goes for almost any verb. Lees is you, like I read > ik lees. Leest is singular other so when someone else reads, for example you read > jij leest. Lezen is plural other, so for example we read > Wij lezen


What's the difference between de and het?


Yes please help. Can't tell when to use het from De


You'll have to learn by heart. There are no rules, mere guidelines (with a lot of exceptions).
There are two rules, without exceptions:

  • All singular diminutives use het
  • All plural nouns (including diminutives) use de
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