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Thanks to the Mods!

A big thank you to the moderators for tracking down and try to shut down the spam attack! These vulgar posts are taken down almost as soon as they pop up!

October 9, 2014



You're welcome. :) Doing it for you all. :)


I recommended this site to my 3 granddaughters to help them with their Spanish studies. My daughter and son asked if it was a safe site for them. Well, thanks to all the moderators I can continue to reassure them that this site is heavily moderated and continues to be a safe environment for them the learn in. My oldest granddaughter used DL to refresh her Spanish and was able to test out of 2 semesters of college Spanish and receive 6 credits. Saved her a half semester of tuition! She'll graduate in 3 1/2 yrs.


We still get some bad posts like anywhere else on the internet, but we try to clean them off as soon as we find them. (Which isn't always before other people see them. But we do try! And Alexis is the fastest draw in the west, err, SE, when it comes to deleting troll posts :D) It's always a good idea to let them know that even on a website as cool as Duolingo, they should be careful of the kind of information they give out even to their friends here. I'm really glad though that they are able to learn languages and that you are here on the journey with them. :)


We try our very best to ensure that this is a safe environment for younger users, because they deserve to learn in a healthy atmosphere. :)

That's a great story. :)


Yeah, mods are awesome. :D For example: Usagi and Alexis are #SuperAwesome, #AndTheyHaveSuperPowers.


Yeah! They totally ROCK! :D They have green rings and an awesome shield!


+1 #GoLexi #GoUsagi #SuperAwesomeModsWithSuperPowers


Aww, thank you. On days like these, seeing such positive comments can be re-energizing and encouraging. Thank you :)


We're lucky to have such a heavily modded forum.


Thank you so much to the moderators for being so calm and quick with their actions. A few days ago (as many of you may know) I was impersonated by another user. They didn't post too much spam, but they posted discussions pretending to be me (I'm Blanchefleure, I'm just under another username for the time being) saying that I was going to leave Duolingo and language learning forever and take my life by suicide (when in reality, I was really busy and had no time to do Duolingo at all, so luckily, I didn't see much of those discussions myself). Fortunately, the spammer stopped (and has been doing nothing for the last few days, which is good so far, and I hope it remains that way) and the mods deleted the discussions and dealt with them.

I have no idea what's causing the sudden surge in spammers and spam discussions these days, but I'm so thankful and glad to the moderators for being so quick, helpful, friendly, calm, and devoted to their work and duty on the forums. Once again, thank you all. You really all have deserved the green ring. :)

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