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How to know when someone replies in your stream?

When I or someone else posts on my stream and someone replies I never know making me look rude and interested.

Answer the header question

October 9, 2014



On your home page, besides your profile picture there is a down arrow. Select that and then select Notifications and select the notifications you want to be made aware of.


It isn't working, is it the profile picture next to your flag because if it is all the arrow does is shows you a list your profile, setting, keyboard shortcut, logout then in the actual notifications it doesn't show them either


Sorry, my fault. Yes it is the image next to the flag that you are learning. The notifications option is in settings.


Maybe it is just me that have a problem, however, I have ticked off to be notified about everything, however I new get an email or notification. Same goes for when to get a daily reminder from DL to practice. I can see it is set for 7AM, however I get it every day at 5PM (default time).

But maybe I am just unlucky.

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