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  5. "Amerika er stort."

"Amerika er stort."

Translation:America is big.

October 9, 2014



Why is Amerika stort and not stor?


I don't know, but it seems to be neuter in German and Dutch as well.


true,, America is neuter hence stort and not stor

the car is big - bilen er stor the country is big - landet er stort


So all the countries are neuter in Danish?


Most of them are. Most notable exceptions are 'Nederlandene', the Netherlands, which is always plural, and, even though it's not a country, 'Europa' which is the only continent in fælleskøn.


america the continent?


Can be either the continent or the United States.


I used to work for a moving company that outsourced a part of its sales department to Israel (at least that’s the story I was told; there was lots of shady stuff going on there), and only when I started working there did it fully hit me just how HUGE the US really is. In Israel you can drive from the southernmost point to the northernmost in about 10 hours, and from east to west it’s a way shorter trip, but in the US moving things from NY to CA could take two or three weeks. It blew my mind how normal this seemed to everyone.


Hvorfor er "The Americas" forkert? Tusen tak.


Fordi den sætning er kun om "Amerika", ikke om "Amerikaerne".


På Wiktionary ordboken sager at den oversættelsen af "The Americas" i Dansk er bare "Amerika".


Generally, "America" refers to just the United States and "the Americas" refers to all of North and South America combined. I realize this doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's how it is! (Mainly because we in the United States are so self-centered that we believe we are the only America that matters. ;)


Jeg tror at disse oversættelse er kun oversættelsene af "America".

I'm not sure who even says "The Americas", but if you will, you can suggest it as a translation. For all intents and purposes, Amerika (and "America", for that matter) refers to both the US and the double continent.


That's an understatement!

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