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Problems switching between iPhone and web browser

The main language I'm studying right now is Irish. Since it's not available on the app I have to do it on my computer. When I'm not by my computer I like to practice my French or Dutch. I've noticed lately that if I leave Irish active on my computer and try to open the app it says to pick a new language bc Irish isn't on the app yet and when I pick French it won't let me do any lessons until I reset my phone. Does anyone else have this problem? Know how to fix it? I have an iPhone 5s

October 9, 2014

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What I've been doing to avoid that (only happened once though) is opening duolingo in Safari, logging in, and then tapping the language flag and switching to a language I've got that isn't in beta. It seems to make the app a little less temperamental. Well, that or just switching the language to a mobile-friendly one before getting off the computer, provided I remember before bed.

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