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I am not great on the new 'Coach' modification - Sorry!

Dear Duolingo, Please restore the previous look and feel!

Point 1) - Now the circle (goal) shows I have done 446 XP today - The graph also shows that I have done 446 XP - But the leader board says I have done 442 this week!!

So clearly there is a discrepancy between these two. I can’t have done more in one day than in the week. (It looks like that the XP does not reset to zero in the morning).

Point 2) - What has happened to my indicator of my next level - gone! - That means I don't know how far I have to go till the next level - that is a disincentive!

Point 3) - As I do several languages, and have a different goal for each, I can’t see when (or whether) I is have met my language goal - so it’s just guessing as to how far I am today. That is another disincentive!!

(Edited to correct some points)

October 9, 2014



I have no problem testing new features, whether I initially like them or not. My problem is the complete lack of communication regarding them. Remember the weeks of teasers about the "Great Battles in History..." leading up to the launch of the iOS Dual feature? People commenting about what it might be with staff actually responding, building up excitement. Then after launching it with fanfare, they simple get rid of it a couple months later without one word of explanation.

I think this instance is even worse. I cannot believe Duo brought out this feature without any indication or warning to people that they will lose their streak unless they meet their selected daily goal. This is not something that could be expected to be intuitive considering the coach on iOS did not take your streak away if you didn't meat the goal.

Duo has seriously de-motivated a lot of people who had some impressive streaks going.

I have my goal set at 50. Normally that is not a problem for me, certainly not "insane", as is suggested by Duo. But, there are the occasional periods I miss that goal. I am just lucky I happen to notice my streak number change the last time I hit 50 points. I think the basic result of this is going to be that most people set their goal to 1, basically making the coach function worthless in the first place.

Duo could avoid much of the frustration and needless postings of it's members simply by adding a "Duo Info" category to the forums. Make it a section that is official "read only" posts made by Duo staff regarding current changes and issues. No, it wont make everyone happy, but it will be a lot less frustrating at least knowing Duo is hearing peoples concerns.


Arthurva, I totally agree. The Coach feature may be great for those who are new or who like the added structure, but for those who are agressively self-motivated learners, the Coach function has replaced useful functions and actually acts as a disinsentive due to the inability to set higher goals and the change in streak definition.


Yep I agree somewhat. I love Duolingo - but not this change!


It's 4.30 am in Australia and I recently got up and have not practiced since yesterday - to find I have already got 133 XP - eh? During my sleep?

Mysterious - and frustrating ... I prefer to EARN my points, not just get them for nothing!


I have been checking - the problem seems to be exactly what you say - the XP counter in the goal circle does not reset to zero at the beginning of the day.

Today my XP counter in the goal circle stood at 6 instead of 0 when I started for the first time today. This is obviously wrong and has not been reset to 0. Because I have set my goal at 20, when I have done 14 timed practices = 14 XP points, the my goal circle shows 20/20. From the goal circle my streak should have increased for the day and be checked (ticked), but it did not of course, which is correct because I only did 14XP. After I did another 6XP my streak increased for the day and was checked/ticked, which is again correct as then I had done 14+6=20XP, however the goal circle showed 26/20 ... again the 6 too much which relates to the 6 instead of 0 start for the day.

This appears to be the bug currently in the goal circle.

The leader board remains correct and is increased only by the points I have actually gained and not the incorrect start XP in the goal circle.

(On an strange note, it appeared that after I had done the extra six, that the page that comes up to say that I have had 6 correct answers, showed a goal circle of 20/20 which is as it should have been - but then when I retuned to 'Home' it still showed 26/20).


I have just checked the graph for yesterday - it now correctly shows that I did only 20 XP whereas yesterday it showed 35/20, having a 15 XP additional points that incorrectly were there at the beginning of my first session. So it seems there is an improvement!


You do get them passively when others approve or vote up translations you have made or documents you have uploaded for translation. Could that be the source?


I don't think so - I think it is a bug in the system. It should start with 0XP as normal.


Besides the problems you mentioned, and the fact that it kills the streak if you don't meet the goal, I don't really mind the new format. It's pretty cool, in fact. I just think they need to come up with a reward for meeting the goal, instead of a punishment for failing to meet it.


I am really disappointed that I can no longer see how many words I have in a language. Sometimes I would do an extra lesson if I was close. I am also bummed that I can't see individually how many points I am earning in each individual language - but that one is more rectifiable since I'm beeminding my language points - just have to go check my graph.


I agree with the second point completely! I don't mind Couch, but I would really really like to see my totel score. I fell a lot more motivated by reaching the new level, than just completing a daily dose.... The score bar should be still visible, at least as an option in the settings! It was one of the core elements of the whole course.


AGREE, my XPs do not reset either. And I don't like the coach - it's stupid to set my goal just to be eventually punished for not being able to meet it. I miss knowing how many points I need to get to promote to next level.

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