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Coach: warning about your streak (or "How I lost my 303 day streak")

So this is not indicated anywhere, but if you set a coach goal and don't meet it, your streak does not extend. For example, say you get 10 points, but your coach goal is 30 points: you do not extend your streak until you get 30 points.

This should be made clearer. I just lost my 303 day streak because I had set a 50-point goal but did not gain 50 points on my second day of having the coach. I'm not that happy (but I'm a little relieved... maintaining that steak while trying to write a thesis was getting stressful...)

October 9, 2014



I sympathise with you - wow that is dreadful! Losing ones streak due to a misunderstanding - I almost did the same. Fortunately I saw that the streak had not been ticked even after I did some practice (as I had not reached my goal. Upon querying I discovered your problem - so I had the chance to correct it - bring my goal back to 1.

You should request your streak be restored, as there is no explanation as to how the new system works - nor a WARNING ABOUT THE RISK OF GOING TOO HICH ....

Best of luck!


You may be relieved, but it probably wouldn't hurt to email Support, they should (in my opinion) return the streak of users who didn't realize the way 'coach mode' works.


Agreed - its only luck that got me through this one safely!


I completely understand you. I've just lost my 57 day streak because of this new feature, and I'm really frustrated about this. My streak has kept me motivated and even forced me to practice when I didn't have the time for it, which I was eventually greatful for.

I really hope the mods will give us our streaks back.

I lost my 57 day streak, I can't imagine how I would feel like had it been 303. But nonetheless, you should keep learning!


Be careful to differentiate between moderators and administrators. Moderators do not have any way to do what you are suggesting.

To your other point, let me see if that was explained in bchan's official announcement. If not, you'll have a case.

Edit: It's mentioned in the post that the goal becomes the threshold for streak extension (paraphrase from here). Now, that's not explained in the actual set-up for the goal, I believe (which is silly, considering everyone doesn't read the discussion forums), so send in a ticket to Support and see if they can do anything. That's why I've only set mine to 1.


hi Germaron, you have a 57 day streak TODAY, that's a funny coincidence!


Mine was 400+ days :S


I would throw up my hands and quit!!!!!!


OOoh, so THAT'S what happened to my streak! I set a coach goal for 30 points and yesterday I was busy and the Internet connection was lousy, so I managed only three points. Today I discovered my three points weren't credited and my streak (such as it was) was gone! And also I lost my 7-day wager. So what's the incentive for setting coach goals? Seems the punishment for failure is severe!

Edit: OK, when I started getting points today, my three points from yesterday came back. Nice! But my streak, no, it's gone forever. Well at least it was a short one, only about 2 weeks. Still it would have been nice to receive an advance warning about the consequences of failing to meet the coach goal.


Thanks for telling us this. I had my goal set at 50 and didn't realise I could lose my streak, so I've just changed it to 10. Duolingo should have made this clear.

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