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Tired of Practice

I'm kinda a bit tired of the words I'm seeing in practice. I know 'a/the girl", "a/the boy", "a/the man", "a/the woman" and their singular forms off by heart, as well as the forms of is (sono, sei, e with an accent pointing up and left, siamo, siete, sono). It's literally impossible to not get these words 10 times or more every lesson.

Unfortunately, that seems to be 80% of what I get, not the stuff I'm really having trouble with such as complex forms of non, food vocabulary, animals, etc.

June 14, 2013



Practice only covers the words you've learned so far in lessons -- since you're still working on your first skill there aren't many words for the practice sessions to cover. New words are introduced in new lessons, so do some more lessons rather than practising the things you've already learned!

Also, I'd advise using an Italian (or at least US-international) keyboard layout when appropriate: "รจ" is a lot quicker to type than "e with an accent pointing up and left" :-).


You are in Spanish Basics and that is all that's covered, put more effort in your lessons and then you will be exposed to more difficult words later in the tree.


I've done all the lessons up to the first shortcut and I still get the basic words often.


You also haven't run into an prepositions, adverbs or conjunctions. Believe me it gets more complex later down the tree.


Easy points! There should be more variety later, but having said that I do find in French I come across the word for 'eating' far more often than I do for other verbs that I've learned - such as 'running', 'walking' or 'taking'. Maybe because eating is something most people do every day? Or because I learnt that word first? Not sure.


Food is very important in France ;-). The quality of the ingredients is higher than e.g. in Germany and the French are willing to pay a bigger part of their salary for food. So maybe "eating" just occurs naturally more often in the language and in the thinking... then the folks compiling the example sentences naturally got more sentences with "eat" in their collection...


If that's the case, why aren't I seeing so many vulgar words? :)

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