"Ela pode conseguir mudar."

Translation:She may be able to change.

June 14, 2013



The answer given is "She may be able to change", what triggers the "may" in this sentence? My very literal translation is "She can manage to change" which doesn't seem to have the same element of doubt about her ability to change.

June 14, 2013


"Ela pode conseguir mudar" means she may or may not be able. When you say "She can manage to change" you are sure that she can do it.

June 14, 2013


This seems like a strange sentence. What is the difference between poder and conseguir?

June 25, 2013


Thank you for your reply. I'm still a bit puzzled but I'm sure it's just me being stupid.

June 15, 2013


Couldn't "talvez" be used instead? And since this sentence is uncertain, wouldn't the subjunctive be used?

October 24, 2013


I think talvez is "maybe", rather than "may be"

March 18, 2014
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