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Dutch beta version

I'm really enjoying the Dutch beta version so far. I'm about halfway to the second checkpoint, and so far it all goes together beautifully. It seems very systematic (with a welcome trace of humor) and easy to put together conceptually.

So far it also doesn't seem plagued with the errors in English translations that I've encountered elsewhere, so frustration is largely attributable to my own limitations - plus, it makes me more confident in the accuracy of the Dutch sentences.

I've noticed that there are relatively few people involved in the discussions, and they seem to be in a better mood than in some other fora here. I'm guessing that's partly because of the quality of the lessons and partly because there are fewer forced participants - that is, fewer students who have been required to sign on to Duolingo and really don't want to be here.

Of course, I have no way to evaluate the quality of the Dutch sentences I'm learning. For all I know they're teaching me Klingon - but hey, that may be useful too one day, and meanwhile I'm having fun.

October 9, 2014



For the record, I'm a native Dutch speaker, so I can confirm you are actually learning Dutch, not Klingon. So you're good, unless you're convinced it's a big Dutch-Klingon conspiracy of which I am a small part.


Thanks for the confirmation.

I wasn't worried about learning Klingon, though it may be especially important, when speaking with Klingons, and especially if there is a Dutch-Klingon conspiracy, to get those glottal stops just right.

Still, Dutch is what I had in mind. ;-)


oh sorry wrong channel.


Seconded. The whole post.


Thirded. A really great course.


Good to hear an unbiased opinion or two.


Yes, the overall quality of the course is very high! :) And the course contributors are awesome, the sentences are humorous, and there are even a few very informative skills (three at the end). :)


whenever a nice, good-mannered and homorous person makes a post, it is usually Dutch.....now i see live on my screen why so many people emmigrate there....i do not know, if it is a Dutch- Klingon conspiracy, but it would be strange tactics using 100% of good manners and calmness :-) would Klingons go so low to get just one planet? :-) *oh, now you made one grumpy cat smile!


I totally agree!

The thought of studying Dutch never crossed my mind, until yesterday I saw a post from the Dutch Team and I thought it was very funny, then today I got an email at work from a customer company from the Netherlands. I had browsed around a few times and identified thank you in Dutch being used by some of the people I follow and respect on the site so I included it in my reply back to this customer and he was so happy. He asked if I had Dutch roots or if I used google translate, because I had spelled it correctly and I just said I'm learning languages on Duolingo. I just got real pumped and started my lessons today. I haven't seen any major descripencies, it's so fluid and I was just pleasently surprised. Looking forward to new progress :D


when have there been forced participant?


I understand that some students who are taking language courses in school are required to sign up for Duolingo.


I thought you meant duolingo forced them.


The owl can be cruel, but tying someone to a chair and forcing them to learn a language? I haven't heard of that. Not yet, anyway.


that's how my mother tried to prevent me from failing spanish for the 3rd year. it didn't work.

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