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Streak did not update although I completed the daily goal

So, today I came to get some practice here on Doulingo, but the first thing that confused me was the coach, saying that I already completed my daily goal (34xp / 30xp) even though I haven't been on Duolingo since yesterday. Also, although my goal was fulfilled, the streak wasn't updated. I tried practicing, completing a lesson, logging in and out, setting different daily goals and saving the changes, but the streak was still the same. What should I do? I'm scared to lose my streak, it's not much, but i'm one day apart from 50. Please help!

October 9, 2014



Filip, based on some of the recent discussion about this, try going into the Coach function and reset your daily goal to 1 XP. Exit, then earn at least one more XP after doing this. According to the discussion, your streak should update then. Good luck!


Thanks a lot! It worked and my streak is safe now.


You're welcome, and I'm glad it worked. I haven't activated the Coach feature for this and other reasons.


It seems the initial reading is incorrect for some users. So for your case, if you had accumulated 64 XPs, it would have continued the streak.

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