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Mobile App issues (Android): French from English

I've been using the mobile app (Android) for a while now without issues. French from English. Lately I have noticed that it will not sync with the main site. Also - some skills do not match the lessons: for example) Verbs Past Conditional - the mobile app shows two lessons in the skill, while the site show three lessons in the skill. If I complete the skill in the mobile app - all three will show complete on the main site. Also when I complete a skill on the main site - it is not showing in the mobile app - even when logging off and logging in again on my phone. Makes me not want to use the mobile app that I have liked for a while now....

October 9, 2014



Yup, same here. Progress randomly doesn't sync between the app and the site, forcing me to do the same lesson twice. Even the number of lessons is off sometimes.

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