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  5. "Was sind wichtige Bücher?"

"Was sind wichtige Bücher?"

Translation:What are important books?

June 14, 2013



Sentence doesn't sound right in English...

February 3, 2014


Yes it does

Person A : 'I only bother to read important books'

Person B: 'How do you make that judgement? What are important books?'

Person A: 'I think only factual books about real things are important, I don't like fiction books'

Person B: 'Well I think fiction is important for teaching us about the human condition.'

September 4, 2014


B : What are 'important books'?

May 27, 2017


It may make sense in English, but is it really a good translation? Are the contexts you offer here the appropriate ones, or is the sentence supposed to mean something more along the lines of 'which books are important'?

August 16, 2018


It is correct English but it sounds wrong because it refers to an abstract situation. "What are important books?" - you are searching for a justification of the term 'important books'. An equivalent question is "Why are some books more essential than others?" You would probably only ask this of you are sceptical about the value of a book.

A much more likely question is: "WHICH are important books?" - you are searching for specific books that are considered important. An equivalent to this is "Which are the essential books?" You may ask this question when searching for advice on which books to read or purchase.

June 16, 2015


The translated sentence means, to expand it, "What are the characteristics shared by important books? For example, they may have influenced the course of political history or address human problems which every society in the world experiences. What/which are the important books? In my opinion, "Das Kapital" is important because it was translated into many languges and the ideas propounded in it affected most of the countries of the world in the twentieth century and "The Interpretation of Dreams" by Freud. I am just learning german and got the interpretation wrong at first but I assume the german sentence has the first meaning.

August 16, 2014


I agree with you, "polomare."

May 24, 2016


Why not "Which are important books?"

January 27, 2014



May 13, 2014


What are the important books seems more correct in English. Is that right?

December 21, 2015


    No, as in English the meaning changes if you include the article. "What are important books?" is an odd sentence out of context, sure, but it's not wrong and is the best translation of the given German sentence.

    December 21, 2015


    "What books are important?" sounds more correct to me, but it is not accepted.

    June 14, 2013


    It shouldn't be accepted. "Was sind wichtige Bücher?" basically means "What defines important books?".

    June 14, 2013


    You would need to use 'which' instead of 'what' in your answer for it to be correct English. The equivalent German would then be 'Welche sind wichtige Bücher'.

    The answer "What are important books?" is a strange question to ask, but is still correct. You are effectively asking someone to explain the concept of an 'important book' as opposed to an 'unimportant book'.

    June 16, 2015


    You are right. What or Which books are important makes more sense here.

    July 23, 2014


    "Which books are important" should be accepted

    August 12, 2014


      Welche Bücher sind wichtig?

      November 27, 2015


      I agree!

      August 12, 2014


      Why is "What important books are? " incorrect? If someone can help me, I'll be thankful.

      May 15, 2016


        That's either an incomplete sentence fragment, or the wrong word order for asking a question. As it's really a question of English grammar, do some research yourself on the web - there will be many tutorials on word order for questions.

        May 19, 2016


        "What books are important?" is now accepted, but it should not be. "What books are important?" and "What are important books?" mean two different things in English and therefore should not be translations of the same German sentence.

        September 24, 2016


        "What books are important" is accepted now. That makes sense to me.

        February 18, 2017


        Could it be that what they're asking is, "What are some examples of important books?" If so, we would say in English,"What are some important books?" German speakers..?

        February 18, 2015


        Sometimes I find myself caught up in the Twilight series, and then I remember this question: what are important books? I then indulge myself in some C.S. Lewis while patting myself on the back and thanking DL for this insightful, helpful question.

        April 23, 2017


        I can’t hear the audio. Really annoying. This happens about once every section. So I am penalised for something I cannot hear. There is no section in the Report but that says I cannot hear the audio.

        March 20, 2018

        March 22, 2018


        Why not wichtigen Bücher?

        October 24, 2019
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