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"Is maith liom fadhbanna daoine eile a thuiscint."

Translation:I like to understand other people's problems.

October 9, 2014



I put "...other people's..." (apostrophe BEFORE the s) which was rejected.

I say the apostrophe in "peoples'" is in the wrong place for the meaning of this sentence: "peoples" (apostrophe AFTER the s) would be the genitive of "peoples" (plural of "people") meaning "nations"; here we want the genitive of "people", a plural (collective) noun.

EDIT: The next time round I used the periphrastic form "...problems of other people" and it was accepted: which, in itself, implies that "people's" is correct.


You're absolutely right. I've reported it.


Alas, that apostrophe is still tripping me up two years later. Amusingly, if I leave the apostrophe out altogether, my answer is accepted.


Yep. It's still wrong.


It remains uncorrected as of 2019-02-06.


It's about time Duolingo began accepting the correct answer !


Wait, why is the verb at the end here? Is there a rule to this?


It's because it's the verbal noun, being used as an infinitive.. When the subject comes before it, you move the verb after the subject, add a and lenite:

Ex: sin a thuiscint - To understand that.

Here, fadhbanna daoine eile is the object, so it comes before the a thuiscint.


fadhbanna daoine eile is the subject

I would say that, in relation to "thuiscint", "fadhbanna daoine eile" is actually the direct object ie that is what is being understood, and the implicit (deep level) subject/agent (who is doing the understanding) is me.


Yeah. That was just a typo. I ain't no English teacher!


I isn't neither ;-)


Oh thanks, I didn't notice it was a verbal noun at all :p


I don't think this is grammaticaly correct. People is already the plural form of "a person". Here it would mean Irish,English or French proples


People is already plural, so apostrophe before s

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