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Accents on mobile app

I can't find a thread for this, but I need to know how to use accents on the mobile app. I keep getting ''oops you forgot the accent''.

June 14, 2013


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On my Android 2.3 phone with the standard keyboard, I can just hold down the key to add an accent. This works even on the standard English keyboard, but I have to scroll along to choose the appropriate accent. It's more convenient if you go into the keyboard settings and activate the keyboard for the language you're learning. Then the most common accents in that language will be the most easily accessible. For example, in Italian you'll be able to get an ì just by holding down the i key for a little longer, without any extra finger movement. You can have multiple keyboards and switch between them for different languages using a key to the right of the space bar.

As olimo mentions, there are other keyboards available for Android, so if you've installed Swype (or one of the other 8 million alternative keyboards) the procedure will probably be a little different.


Wow! That's amazing. Thank you, thank you.


You could install the Spanish, German, French, Portugese and Italian keyboards. If you press down a key longer, the accent keys will appear!


On iOS, just hold your finger on a letter to see accented options. On Android, it probably depends on the keyboard.


Thanks so much, I never noticed that sliding finger on letters did that!

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